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    Hi, All members.

    Selling USB Scrypt Asic Miner (HashBuster Whistle 0,5-1.65 Mh/s)
    Power consumptions:
    0.5 - 1А 5V ( 5W )
    1.65 - 1.3A (15.6W)

    1 pc - 40$ .
    10 pcs - 350$
    24 pcs + free hub = 800$

    We have a hub for placing 24 HashBuster Whistle and get 39.6 Mh/s.
    Hub have 2 120mm fans.
    Buy 24 HashBuster Whistle miners and we provide hub for free.
    ------------------------------------------------------------------- ====
    Shipping: We ship from China.
    Shipping expences depends on desired express company.
    Buy 48 miners (2 hubs) and we provide worldwide shipping absolutely for free.
    Foto Here -

    Contact us:
    Skype: Best-Miners

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